Events In Action

Being an Event Management student I live to see such amazing events and feel so honoured that I have got to work on so many unique ones since I have been here. The thing I have noticed most about the events within the country club is that for special events (Wedding’s, Birthdays etc) the members will go all out on venue design. Seeing a plain room being dressed and transformed into something you could never imagine, from the tablecloths to the centrepieces and they are always so different from one another.

When I worked at the Marriott in England the only event that people will go all out the most on was wedding’s and even then they were nothing in comparison to what I have seen here. Due to the wealth of the club members and the advantage that they have of having money as no object to make a night that everybody is going to remember.

I had the privilege of working the whole week of the Allianz Golf Championship which took place at the Old Course. From breakfast, lunch, cocktail hours to the skybox I would start work at 4:30 am some days because the golf champions would be on the course in no time. In the whole week during February I worked over 100 hours but it was so worth it and I did get to see some of Florida’s most beautiful sunrises.

I have said this before but I feel that the service during an event in America is so much easier, having designated tables definitely help’s you to provide a more personal service and you do not have to run back and forth to the kitchen to pass out the plated food.

I am so glad I have had the chance to work on so many events from golf mixers to Bat(h)Mitzvahs  because it has allowed me to witness the completely different processes from the set up to service style and has made me a lot more knowledgeable in the field I want to go into after University.

Below are some examples of events that I have worked at during my 10 months here:

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