“This is the part where you find out who you are”

My Year Long Summary

I am finding it impossible to believe that in a months time my internship will be over, I have already said some of the hardest goodbyes and I am not ready for the others.

I can honestly say I have had the most amazing year of my life, the end is coming and I am so so sad about that. When I say this year flies by I mean it, I remember getting on a plane nervously in Manchester Aiport feeling excited but as though it was not real like it was yesterday and in a month and a couple of days, I will be stepping on a plane in Miami to New Orleans and travelling the USA for one month. Then the final goodbye to America will be in JFK New York, where only Connie and I will be taking a flight back to Manchester together and being welcomed with open arms and probably the rainy weather.

To summarise work, I have been lucky to have been given an array of different events to work at, which is what I live for. I have seen the most simple events and the craziest which goes to show that as an Event Manager you can create anything that you imagine. This job has given me so much courage from serving the nicest and the most awful people you could ever imagine, although I have never had a personal issue with anybody I can say that everybody needs to work in the hospitality industry just to learn how to act in the correct manner in public. Thankfully, now I feel that I could walk into any job and know how to deal with the toughest situations, my skin is twice as thick but I am also so much more open minded about everything. Plus I actually love work, it is the people I work with that make my job so much better, they are incredible. If is so weird because in my last jobs I have always been one of the older workers (because people over 25 would not put up with that slavery haha) but in the Old Course at Broken Sound I am the youngest, most are still under 30 but I feel as if I am on the same level of maturity as them (or maybe they are just immature haha). We work as a team no matter what, if someone falls down you pick them back up there is no way that somebody is getting left behind. The things that come out of some of their mouths are absolutely hilarious they make my day so much. Everyday I learn new things, how to better myself and improve my skills. I have gained strength from carrying huge heavy trays (not that you can see muscle in my noodle arms haha) and how to deal with so many situations.

Outside of work I have had so much fun, I have been to Miami, Orlando and all of the beaches I am so lucky to be surrounded by in Boca Raton. I absolutely love going on new adventures, during May my nan came to visit so that allowed me to experience things I wouldn’t normally do with my friends, like go to visit injured turtles and to a Manatee convention centre, and old houses in Florida (which are only 100 years old, nothing compared to the UK).

Overall, I have had the best year of my life and would definitely come back!

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