The end is near

I cannot believe that this is the end, I have already finished work and have nearly finished my month of travelling around America.

In preparation to leaving I had to send my suitcase home as I was only travelling with one hand luggage (and I had A LOT of stuff) half of which I donated to coworkers haha. The process for this was annoying but easy! I used a company called which cost $170 for 30kg (mine was exactly the maximum weight), then you pick a time slot for the courier to come and get it and off it goes. As long as you follow the rules and instructions then it will be home within 3 days.

As for work, we all arranged a leaving meal for the Old Course staff which was amazing, the food was incredible and it was a really lovely evening for our send off. It has only been a month and I already miss everyone so much! I feel as though I have lost my right arm!

Packing was a nightmare, I have no idea how I hoarded so much stuff in the space of a year, it was everywhere!

My final day in work was quiet and I managed to hold in my tears until the very end! It was so sad saying the final goodbyes I was completely unprepared for the impact this job has had on me, it has shaped me as a person and my future.

Now that I am only four days away from flying to the UK I am FINALLY excited about going home, after travelling through nine states in America (which I will write about in my next post) I am well and truly ready to go back home and restart my life with plenty of changes! I am so scared but so excited and ready for what the future is going to bring, despite dreading back to going to university (not looking forward to the assignment life) but seeing everyone’s graduation pictures has made me so jealous and excited for that to be me!

I could not recommend BsgInterns more than I do, it has honestly been the best year of my life!


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