One year on…

Hello! It has been a while and my life has gone so fast since ever since I left the states!

I have just been lying in bed reminiscing all of the good times and decided to take a look back on this blog, which is probably not the best idea as I am up for work in 6 hours, but I feel the need to fill everyone in.

I really want to talk about travelling and will make a huge post for that one day.

We went to New Orleans, Nashville, Houston, San Francisco, drove down the coastal route of the West to LA (stopping at Big Sur on the way for a picture and Santa Maria for the night to split up the driving as only Natalia was able to drive). Then we drove to the Grand Canyon, then Vegas. We flew to Chicago and stayed with two of our favourite members from the country club who kindly invited us to join them for a few days. After we went to New York, Washington DC, New York again and finally home… it was crazy and I was exhausted to say the least, however it was incredible and the urge I have to travel the remaining 40 states it crazy! Any questions, feel free to message me as who knows when I will actually make the post 🤔

Now in the last year…

I actually ended the nearly five year relationship I was in which I may have mentioned at some point in the blog, it was nothing to do with the long distance however the distance made me realise a lot and definitely opened my eyes, it has been a year now and I am so happy with my single life so not all is lost!

I passed my driving test! So poor Natalia won’t ever have to do the driving alone if we ever go on any adventures in the future! I missed her so much when I got back that two weeks after passing my test I drove 260 miles down south to see my brother who is in University and her! Now we take it in turns to visit each other, it is a cute long distance friendship!

When I got back it took me a longgggg time to get over jetlag and I didn’t get a new job until two months later as I wanted to see what my final year of university was like.

Obviously after finding out I was only in two days a week I decided to get a full time job in a hotel and ended up having no days off from October until I finished university at the end of April (probably a bad idea… but I survived to tell the tale hahaha).

If I am honest getting back into the education lifestyle was incredibly difficult for me and I found it so hard to adapt back to doing university assignments constantly, but I am so happy to say I graduated with a high 2:1!

Graduation was one of the proudest days of my life (and the hottest) and it was so worth the four years of stress (…although I would never do it again😂).

Over summer I have been working closer to home for a creative company that deals with UK Football teams, my first ever 9-5 job!! Having weekends off has been amazing, but I know that time is coming to an end and I see no weekends off in the future of my events career hahaha.

Now what?

For my final year project I took Enterprise and created an in-depth business plan, I used this to my advantage and created a business that I fully intend to start up as soon as possible!

I am feeling a bit lost however, as I know I will need a job alongside it and I really want to travel first. So, I think I will have to go back to work in America 😉






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