One year on…

Hello! It has been a while and my life has gone so fast since ever since I left the states! I have just been lying in bed reminiscing all of the good times and decided to take a look back on this blog, which is probably not the best idea as I am up for … More One year on…

The end is near

I cannot believe that this is the end, I have already finished work and have nearly finished my month of travelling around America. In preparation to leaving I had to send my suitcase home as I was only travelling with one hand luggage (and I had A LOT of stuff) half of which I donated … More The end is near

Events In Action

Being an Event Management student I live to see such amazing events and feel so honoured that I have got to work on so many unique ones since I have been here. The thing I have noticed most about the events within the country club is that for special events (Wedding’s, Birthdays etc) the members … More Events In Action

Finally 21!!

After 6 months in America, not being legally allowed to drink or even get into places despite not wanting to drink the day finally came, the 8th January!! This will only be a short post, but I just wanted to share my exciting news!  I had the best day, got spoilt by my friends from home and … More Finally 21!!

Merry Christmas

Being away during the holidays was a completely different experience to home, I knew this was the time that would hit me the hardest being away but I only cried once for a couple of seconds (proud moment). It was Florida’s version of cold (19 degrees) for a couple of days which made me fear … More Merry Christmas