Improvement begins with I

Guys… I am extremely scared right now because I have been here for 8 months already! I was reminded the other day that we only have 18 weeks left of work (which sounds a lot but the weeks fly by) and I am really not ready to leave. We are even one of the last groups to leave, some of my friends are leaving 6 weeks before us and I don’t want that to happen. It has actually hit me that even after only 8 months of friendship I am so not ready to say goodbye. This time last year I was hoping university would go faster so I could come on this amazing adventure and now to think that in 5 months (and 4 days to be specific) I will be back in the UK. When I think of the some of the people at home that barely make an effort with me and then the people I see every single day that actually enjoy my company (I hope) it makes me realise that you have got to hold on to what you have got while it lasts. As soon as I finish university I am getting back on a plane; I do not know where I am going yet but it will be somewhere where I am going to better myself and gain more incredible experiences.

I have always been determined but being here has made me realise that there is so much you can gain from life, never let anybody tell you can’t or hold you back because you are not going to move forward. I am a lot more open minded now that I see how different everybody’s cultures are, how some people are prepared to move thousands of miles away to help provide for their family at home and that warms my heart.

I am so much more confident in a working environment, I love working as a team and on my own and having the best people to do that with makes the job so much easier. I used to avoid confrontation like a pro but now I feel as though I could handle most situations, I always say that there is no point getting stressed over a situation you cannot control, you just need to think about how it can be resolved and go and do it. What I like about my personality is that I feed off people’s negative opinions towards what I do in life, if you tell me I can’t do something then I am sure to try and prove you wrong, not so it makes me look better but to show to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

At home, I spent my life at university or work and when chances to go out came around I used rarely took them, but now I love going out, it feels like a new found freedom that I never had. I have had some of the best days and nights out of my life and I know there still manyyyyyy more to come!



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