AHA- American Hospitality Academy

Shortly after I found out I had got the job, the sponsor company for BSG.. the American Hospitality Academy.

For this there are a couple of stages that had to be completed before the visa application can begin:-

The application: This didn’t take too long, it was basically putting parts of your CV into an online version, you have to option to attach a short video of yourself (I chose to skip it, but it doesn’t mean you can’t not do it) and then at the end you have to do a cover letter…this was the hardest part as it can only be 400 characters so you have to express your goals etc in a couple of lines.

The next stage is the interview: About 4 days after that I received an email saying the application had been accepted and that my interview would be on the 3rd March 2016. The interview went really well, it wasn’t very formal and more like a chat about whether I understood the process and what I would be doing when I was in America. The woman who interviewed me was really nice and made me at ease about the process.

The third stage: I passed the interview! The next step is to upload four documents which I have started doing. I needed a letter signed my my placement tutor to prove that I am in education, a copy of my passport photo page, a short video explaining what I am doing and a bank statement and signed form to show that I can fund myself while out in America. Once these steps are done I am assuming it is time for the visa application!


Speak to you soon!


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