I went to work straight after my interview ended on Wednesday and it was a busy night so I didn’t finish work until just after midnight. While I was waiting for my taxi home I was in the back office (behind the front desk of the hotel) where there is no internet signal whatsoever, however on this day my facebook notifications decided to come through and my phone was going crazy with messages off Sammy shouting “WE GOT IT” “WE’RE GOING TO AMERICA” I did not know how to react! I was jumping up and down looking like a right idiot in front of my colleagues, but at the same time didn’t know if it was 100% true because my emails still hadn’t come through, and boy did my phone test my patience! Finally, in the taxi, I got the email and the poor driver probably didn’t know what was going on, I was so happy but trying not to cry (with happiness) at the same time! All five of us who were interviewed got it and we have already got a group chat set up (eager..of course!). We know we are starting in June at the Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton, Florida for 12 months. Now we are just awaiting the offer letter from the country club to confirm the date, I hope it is soon!!!





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