Country Club Interview

Until the start of February, Rasheeda had sent a couple of emails regarding setting us up an interview and about Christmas etc but I did not really hear anything until I emailed her asking where we were up to in the application stage as I had been offered two more placements but did not want to accept them. She was quick and I found out on Sunday (7th February) that I had an interview at the Broken Sound Club on Wednesday 10th February at 3:45pm.

The day of the interview came QUICK, there were 5 of us being interviewed individually that day including my coursemate Sammy. On that day we had to go into town for a bank appointment as we are planning a masquerade ball as part of our event management course. We were so excited! We did not want to get our hopes up but at the same time it is hard not to be excited about it, at that point, we had no idea how many they were hiring etc so we were praying we would both get it.

The interviewer was running late and I ended up having mine at about 4:25pm, I was starting to panic a bit because I had to leave for work at 4:50pm but Carol came to my rescue and called me. She wanted to know more about me that wasn’t on my CV for example, about my family and my hobbies when I am not working or in university (not that that is often haha). She then was asking about my two jobs. I found her very interesting because she didn’t actually ask many questions but once you gave your answer she would give an in-depth response, which was good because it allowed me to find out a lot more about the country club. The only question I asked was about the accommodation, she was telling me that four shares an apartment (two to a room), it was great learning that they actually give us a bike to ride to work because the country club is so big and even though you live on the outskirts of it, it is still quite a distance…although I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 12 so I am not sure if it would go down well haha.



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